With the world growing so fast, with me getting older every day, sometimes I forget that even my parents are getting older.Yes they have grown, mentally, physically and emotionally. They struggle daily, more than any of us do. They try to be a part of my world (which is mostly virtual). We are thousands of miles apart, yet they make sure I feel there presence.

I remember the days when things were tough for them, be it speaking English in front of my school teachers, or be it taking me to different cities with no Google Maps to guide and even agreeing to my wish of collecting coins of different countries. They have done all the jobs amazingly well and I am, sure I would have done it really bad, had I been there.

My Dad always had an eye of a photographer. He has dedicated albums for my childhood covering little little events of my life, first walk, first bath, first day at school and even first time I held my kid sister in my arms. My Mum always use to call herself a housewife, and even I used to say the same until I got to know this term “Home Maker”. She is brilliant at everything, be it cooking, decorating , handling me and uniting the families.!

I am still not sure what got into me for writing this, may be a picture my Dad shared on FB, or a picture my Mum liked on Instagram or may be the chat we had in the Family group on Whatsapp.!

Now when I see my almost a great photographer Dad, uploading pictures he clicked, and asking me to send and upload the pictures of the places I visited, sometimes I behave baffled and a little frustrated. So is the case when my Mum shares a youtube video and some vaguely impossible made up facts on WhatsApp, the always try to be right voice inside me just gets annoyed and starts complaining. I am sure that must be the case with few of you guys too. I totally forget at such times , that they are learning, far from being their learning cycle. They are striving to be nearer to us, they are constantly trying and thereby succeeding to be as close to us as they were, when I could not stand on my feet, when I went to recite my first poem , when I was having difficulties in Maths and when I had been sick for weeks.

For now my Dad can’t kiss my forehead before I go for a presentation, my Mum can’t make me pray to the God before exams and definitely can’t rub Vicks on my nose when I have cold. But with the means of communication we have, and with the challenging way My Mum and Dad have grown, they make sure I feel home. All the time.!

Its a little funny, how my Dad sends me a pic of Khatushyam ji before examinations, how my Mum shares a link for cure of common cold using home made remedies and obviously the YouTube link to all the songs that they probably sung to me as a lullaby or when we used to go on drives.!

it must have been a real challenge for them to cope up with this challenge of accepting everything thats new and fascinating at first and an addiction later.! They never used to praise me in front of others, but behind my back they say they are proud of me, I don’t know why because I have never done anything extra ordinary unlike my kid sister who is a gem.! I have never said this before but I would like to make this as a toast to all the parents who are learning the technology and yearning to be closer to their kids using the newly built tools which connect hearts. Your love on our timelines annoys us and makes us giggle, love and feel warm at the same time.

Love you Maa and Papa, You make me Proud..! Everyday..!

And Lastly, Khalil Gibran said,

Parents are bows and children are the Arrows.!

The more the bow bends and stretches, the farther the arrow flies.!

I flied, not because I am special , but because you have stretched too high..!