Being a teenager is difficult. That is a given. But it is all the more challenging in this milestone era of sorts, benchmarked by 2014. When the mature, sorted world around you is running about aimlessly, with its people stomping like wild elephants on a spree. And for an analytical freak struggling with her thoughts like an ant trying to find its way, I’ll leave it to your imagination. Or empathetic instinct.

Up until now, things have been clear. A set of norms for the entire society to abide by, which no one really had a problem with, or did but stayed mum. It was an era of conformity, of social acceptance and group validation. It was an era where nobody readily raised a question, because everything seemed to make sense. Or didn’t , but kept mum.

All this normality was, however, not destined to stay for too long. Soon the unanimous conformity turned into conservative elements. And then, like a wave of renaissance, the post-modern thought flowed in, nobody can never know exactly how, after a series of enraging events, the totality of the outcomes of the current system of social functioning began to be realized.

This new and modern India, patented by the youth, spoke a new tongue. It was that of individuality, freedom, free-will, letting people be and a non-judgmental attitude. And one by one, stereotypes came crashing down (or rather, are coming crashing down), like tiles in a Domino deck, much to the liberating joy of the advocators and the helpless defence and fury of the conservative parties. 
But that is not even the point. What I’m heading to here, is at a question- Where are we heading?

We are undeniably being more sensible in framing an ideology best suited for the period we live in, and are taking a step forward to be unstuck from the past, create a society of our own and yet have cultural root, where we are partly actually heading back to the source- the pure seed of virtue behind all the norms tarnished by misconception. But that is not , unfortunately the ‘past’ we are asked to stick to. The immediate past, the clutches of it, that’s what is imposed.
But then again, considering all these perspectives, where are we heading?

Can we truly eradicate stereotypes? Doesn’t a stereotype perish only to give way for another? That has, kind of, been the rule of society, hasn’t it?
So does this mean that stereotypes of conservatism shall clear to those of free-will, if it can ever truly be established, that is?

Will the direction we are headed to with such zeal and stubbornness, mean destruction to us? Considering it is hardly possible to stick with the conservatism, does this mean that we’re just stuck? Forever? Like a hamster running in a rotating wheel for cheese that will never be his?

Will the freedom to do what you please, with a legitimate clause of not harming others, still expand like a hot air balloon and swallow us with its heat?

Will today’s Kiss of Love become tomorrow’s Sex of Love? Will today’s ‘Casual Sex is okay’ become tomorrow’s agony of increasing teen pregnancies, STDs and perishing lives? Will today’s trends of unconventional careers mean loss to infrastructure? Will today’s ‘Break Out Of Society’s Rooster Coop’ mean tomorrow’s exponentially larger chaos? Will today’s “What is wrong with a Love Marriage?” mean tomorrow’s tragedies of betrayal, bullying, violence and regrets? Will today’s ‘Live-In Relationships are legitimate’ turn into tomorrow’s ‘Marriage is no longer identified as an institution in people’s lives’? Will today’s ‘Feminism’ become tomorrow’s ‘Role chaos’? More importantly, where do we draw the line between the past and future, between roots and progress, between conformity and rebellion?
When the world is struggling with this enhanced sense of inquiry, a teenager’s struggle to find his/her own domain of thought, a firm yet open-minded outlook becomes exponentially more frustrating. If you ask me, I still have no idea. 

With a young mind and a neither-pro-nor-anti mindset, I shall sign off from my brief display of continuous musings shrinked like a Winzip file, leaving you with just one question: Where are we heading? No, really.