Now that I have your attention, I don’t actually mean lies. Lies (pronounced as leese/lease) was my classmate who was running for the HAS a.k.a Student Association at school in Boston. Let’s time travel to about eight months ago when HSA elections were announced. So, Lies who happened to be my teammate and a dear friend expressed her interest in standing for Meeting Chairperson. I being my enthusiastic self jumped in and said that I’d be her campaign manager. There was excitement and much planning on what was to be done, though there wasn’t much seriousness to it.

Two days later, I went out for lunch with my roommate and her classmate to Max Brenner (which is this amazing dessert place in Boston!). We got talking and among the conversations about food, philosophy and assignments; the topic of HSA came up. It so happened that the classmate was campaigning for his friend for the exact same post! As you can guess, there was the whole hullaballoo of who was the better candidate and would win. In the adrenalin rush of proving a point, we did one of the most childish things possible. A bet. The winner would get treated at Max Brenner by the losing side (mature, right?).


And so, the war had begun…


I got down to posting memes and the like on the school Facebook group. Not to mention persuading people to consider my candidate and vote for her. I must mention at this point that it was not very difficult campaigning for her as she already had a large network of people which was an added advantage for us. The enemy remained silent. It was just like the quiet before a storm. Five days before the elections and they struck! Being Marketing students they really showcased their skills. The weapon was a rather brilliantly taken video in which my opponent had smartly incorporated everyone standing for a post from his cohort. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t devastated for a bit. At the same time I couldn’t help but appreciate the wonderful work he had put out there. I decided that I wouldn’t let this dishearten me and I continued with my campaign.

During this whole election madness, I got a chance to meet with other candidates and understand what the competition was like. I met an MBA student who was also running for Meeting Chairperson. It honestly amazed me a bit at how calm he was. I wish I could have been that calm but the thought of eating at Max Brenner was still looming around my head. It was soon time for pre-election speeches and I honestly wonder if what happened next was sad or a stroke of luck.

My opponent’s candidate had decided to give his speech a day earlier. In an attempt to gather people’s attention, he seemed to have a gone through a bit of a nervous breakdown and started shouting from the 6th floor atrium. Everyone was rather flabbergasted. His campaign manager rushed in and started damage control. It was amazing how he was trying to turn around the situation and he did for the most part (well…not really). I must admit that a part of me was actually thrilled at what was happening though I did feel bad for my competitor.


Speeches happened the next day as scheduled and Lies did a pretty good job. I recorded her speech and put it up on the Facebook group as a last campaign post. What followed was an impatient wait for results.


D-day was here. You could feel the anticipation in the air and there came the announcement –“The Meeting Chairperson for the academic year is…. Rodrigo.E!” .


Remember the MBA guy?


That’s right.


So much for Max Brenner…