She waited tenderly by the shore
Near enough to breathe the salt water and let it calm her nerves
Yet just out of reach of the crashing waves
They reached out to her
Yearning, as if to kiss her feet
Calling her deeper and deeper into the dark blue sea
A longing arose in her splintered soul
To go beyond the horizon
Bathing in the light of the sun
Drowning in the cold sea
Where was it?
The elusive peace
‘Hold me’ she whispered to the wind
And a wave of anger and remorse swept over her
Why did she seek to dissolve?
To melt away in a pair of arms all over again
What did she seek to annihilate within her
A tune she faintly remembered
And sought to drown, in the guise of love
She ran deeper into the sea, covering her ears
How long would she hide?
No man could shelter her from her ownself.
‘Unhold me’, She now shouted
To all she had ever sought refuge in
For tonight I will feel the wind in my hair
Embrace the wretchedness of it all
Like a feather in a storm
Somewhere between the sanguine ball of fire and the deep sea
I shall learn to live
A little more like myself