Someone I know knows someone who knows an aunt who is friends with a cat who visits a house owned by someone who heard this story. Every bit of it is true.

So there was this couple who had been dating for three odd months. The honeymoon period was still on, and both of them were oblivious to the inevitable disaster that lay ahead. The lovemaking was great, the texts were regular, the calls like clockwork (once after he reached work, once after she peed for the second time, once as he was sitting down for lunch, one when she washed her hands, once when he took a smoke break, once when she peed again).

She had a problem. Anyway, that’s another story.

So long story short, couple in love.

As it so happens, an official trip took the woman in question to another city for a two nights. Two long, painful nights.

Now being a man, the boy did exactly what men do when their women are out of the city. He opened up his laptop, and started watching Blacklist.

It was the first night without her. The air conditioner was on. The bag of chips was open. The beer was yellow, and rightfully so.

He was in Season 2 – the Decembrist. When the phone rang.

“Hi baby! Missing you!”
“I’m missing you too!”
“What are you doing baby?”
“Watching Blacklist. You?”
“Nothing. Thinking about you.”
“Oh. Listen babe, can I call you in a bit? Like after this episode?”
“Sure, you do that.”

End of conversation. If only.

Ten minutes later, a text message. From her.

“You don’t seem to miss me anymore. Not like I do anyway. Blacklist is more important to you. It’s my fault actually. I’ve given too much to this relationship. I think we should take a break.”

It would have been funny, had it been a piece of fiction. Unfortunately, it’s all true.
Ask the cat.

And that’s the problem with these TV shows – Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead, etc.

They take complete control of our lives. They intimidate us, they drug us, they incapacitate us.

TV’s killing us, slowly.