There’s a reason why the wellness industry in India is worth Rs 11,000 crores.

There’s a reason why just 2,300 spas in 2009 have created direct and indirect employment to 4,00,000 people.

There’s a reason why the spa and the body treatment segment is set to be worth Rs 40,000 crores in the next three to four years.

It’s called a happy ending.
A nice little rub down.
A ‘finish-me-off-please.’

And there used to be a time when you had to get up on a flight, go all the way to Bangkok, look up the classifieds or take a casual stroll down Petchburi road.

Not anymore.

The Happiness Caress has found its way to our very own Indian shores. And it’s perfectly legit.

You can find it in Worli, you can find it in Bandra, you can find it in Malviya Nagar, Gurgaon (remember seeing the bright spa lights on the NH8?)
It’s there for anybody who cares to ask.

And should you ask, you’ll be given a smile, and finished off nicely with a nice tip. And it’ll feel great, for those ten minutes.
Two if she’s really good, and one if you’ve got a little problem.

It’ll continue to feel good once you hit the shower, and the oil washes gently off.
You’ll feel real nice as you put on your clothes, and have a sip of the cool packaged water (complimentary, of course.)

It’s only when the lights come on and the door opens, that you’ll feel like a complete ass.

Think about it.
You’ve just spent (what?) a thousand bucks or so for something you could have given yourself.

For free.

Many times over, if you so wished. You could have taken a break, re-hydrated, eaten a sandwich, checked your mail, and gotten back to the task at hand.

And if you came early, or not at all – no judgments. No snide smiles or side glances out of the corner of a kohl-ed eye.

It would probably feel better too.
After all, nobody knows you, like you.

So the next time you long for a happy ending, dim the lights, switch on some Ed Sheeran and give yourself one.

And once you’re done, give yourself a thousand bucks.
It can’t get better than that.
Or happier.