For being yourself yet again. For refusing to endorse a fairness cream brand (and losing out on whopping 2 crores!). For making the statement that dusky is pretty. For letting little girls all over the country know that they don’t have to be fair to be pretty. That it’s enough to be just you.

For understanding that as a public figure you have responsibilities. For not being like most other top actresses of our country. For challenging status quo. And starting a debate that had long been forgotten.

Thank you for walking the talk.

You won me over with your interview at The Front Row with Anupama Chopra. I was blown away by how unfake and fresh the interview was. With Queen and now Tanu Weds Manu Returns, you have proven that you don’t need big male co-stars to make the movie a commercial success.

So, thank you for breaking the stereotypes by actually breaking them and not only talking about them.

Thank you for reminding us that being comfortable in your own skin is the way to be.

It’s a start.