Not very long ago, an article reared its particle head on the social network that shall not be named.

Ok, facebook.

The author of the article expounded a theory which proved that standing up and working could very well be the next life-changing thing. And indeed, there’s been plenty of conversations around this. It seems there’s a divided house – some people think it’s a good thing. Some, just don’t give a flying coyote.

Standing up and working can’t be all that it’s made out to be, like the most recent Avengers movie (the one where the biggest action scene is Iron Man and Captain America are chopping wood).

Seriously, you’ll get more action in a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

Anyway, back to posture.

Human beings weren’t invented by the Greek Drug Druid (try saying that over and over again) for sitting. Human beings have legs. Legs are supposed to fold. Making sitting easier. If humans were supposed to stand all their lives, we’d have two wooden sticks sticking out of our stomach.

Like Mister Potato over there.

Also, standing up makes us aggressive. And we’re already pretty much on the edge most of the time anyway. It all starts with standing for what you think is right. It leads to standing up. Which leads to confrontation. Which leads to a swift kick in the nuts. Which leads to hospital. Which leads to pain.

There’s enough of pain in the world already.

Sitting down is a good strategy. You sleep better sitting down. There’s a Sadhu somewhere in Benaras who’s been sitting down in the nude for the last 32 years. He seems to be doing okay.

Sitting down allows you to put your feet up on the desk. You can’t very well do that if you were standing up. You’d fall.

Unless you were Harrison Ford. In which case you could probably do any damn thing you wanted.

The air is also in abundance when you’re sitting down. The higher you go, the lesser the oxygen there is. Keep standing up, and you’ll need an oxygen mask. And those babies are expensive.

Also footsie. Hard to play footsie with a colleague when you’re standing up, without looking like you’re dribbling an invisible football.

Nobody likes weirdos at work.

Basically, just do what you were built to do.

If you absolutely HAVE to work, sit your ass down and get to it.