It’s easy to hate him. The guy doesn’t have nerve. He speaks of himself in third person and he lacks coherency in most of his arguments.

Rahul would probably spell grateful as greatful. But that’s alright. We’ve all been there. Or maybe not. I don’t know.
But what really ticks me off is that when it comes to crunch time, the weirdo leaves the country with the escape velocity of Jupiter. One always wonders who’s guiding him when he says stuff like ‘This morning I woke night’, ‘let’s talk about women’ or ‘these little migrants’.
Does he write his own speeches? Does he have a mentor? Did he really just come back from rehab after more than a month of absence. One thing is for sure. It wasn’t a ‘sabbatical’.
Let’s face it.
Our country thrives on sycophancy. It’s inherent in our culture.
And no half-brained robot in the Congress has the spine to stand up against this joke of a chap.
Forget it. Not even his mom.
The Shehzada makes us laugh and it’s fun to go on Youtube and see him screw
up endlessly.
But in some ways one can feel his pain. I certainly don’t feel bad for him.
But I can see his inner strife.
Hear me out.
Think of a typical well heeled Delhi boy with a big ass family business and a bloody deep
pocket. This lad, however, has no interest in the business. Wants to do something but is a tad indolent. Definitely can’t do a job. He’s too shit scared to get out of his
comfort zone. He’s had a taste of the good life and is gregarious to say the least. He’s not that talented but likes to visit the occasional night club in Spain.
What he does not have is the balls to tell his elders that he doesn’t
want to take on this mantle. Does this sound like someone we were talking about earlier? A little bit at least.
It may not be as simple.
We love to take his case and we can trash talk about him all the time
but in effect, Rahul Gandhi is not so far from us. We’ve all seen these guys in posh circles from a distance and we may have delved in their debauchery.
Should we be so quick to judge Rahul Gandhi? He’s just a Delhi boy all grown
up, stuck in a rut.
He’s a reticent fellow. He’s not a haraami like some other politicos but he’s definitely a big dolt who can’t leverage the resources at his disposal.
We could go on about him or his brother in law, and the debate between public vs
private life but let’s talk about that another day, folks.
Rahul Gandhi just made the wrong choices and was probably coerced into it
by his coterie of fools.
A royal fuck up that makes for good dinner table conversation.
Now that’s nothing new.

Is it?