Future continuous tense is this really ambiguous vampire, which though marks its presence in language and its prosthetic as armies of examples in Wren and Martin but does not translate quite in any physical form. But today while articulating on a certain grammar to my little brother, yours truly was struck by this mere syndrome of self revelation in the romantic endeavor for my personal future tense. The tense which I carry within my organs. The tense which guides my moral compass, tense which are as daily as taking a shower.

I revisit times, my past tense along with my surroundings and acquired stimulus. It’s really fascinating to recall and sit back and watch yourself through a certain medium of consciousness. Who says time is software or hardware? Subtle things like these are not made of #dear20yearoldme. Like, I can totally visualize my son in my father today. I dream of a future where I can become my mother, to my mother. That’s my future continuous tense. And the cheap thrills which I will derive by pinpointing and even listing down all the qualities, which I have derived in the perfectly ridiculous manner from my parents. Well one day I dream of becoming them. Not as parents, but as individually my mother and father. When the cycle renews itself and I will raise my nose running, whining, sweet craving, kid out of my Ma and Baba.

I will grow up to be my mother and my father one day. That’s my future continuous tense. I would clap my hands like an excited kid as the sustenance cycle renews itself and I will also resemble in my kids. The weird yet this hauntingly beautiful feeling, to find that your blood, your part, your-self is growing again with you. The parts which have been inseminated as hereditary in the forms of marks, as colors, as features etc.

And I dream again, of both the futures to live together happily ever after so that we leave for this lazy sunny picnic under the shades of a mahogany and life’s summer reflecting upon our glorious shining aviators and we all look at the universe, make poses to create high resolution screenshots in our mind and revive them later when we are old, senile, smelly but full of love and kindness.