Ever since I was a child, I have heard this word “normal”. Are you a normal person?

I used to close myself up whenever the word “normal” was shoved up in my face. Need to be normal and accepted in this society was so taxing that I gave up. I gave up on this mask made out of fear and suppression. To the world, I maybe a shy boy. However, I feel this fierce individual urging to come out and gobble up anyone who calls him “abnormal”

I mean, who are you to say that I am abnormal? I can look at you and say the same. Show me the instance/proof that states what is normal and abnormal.

Just because you loved apples doesn’t mean that I can’t love bananas,

Just because you love cabbage doesn’t mean that I can’t love beef,

In Indian society, the whole concept of individualism is shattered due to the fact everybody is running a rat race to be normal. Don’t you get tired when you aren’t true to yourself? I have and it wasn’t pretty sight.

It is struggle to live as a queer person in a society where repression is new found way for the top bureaucrats. However, throughout history, repression has paved way to violent methods which is either riots or unending uncontrollable protests. A perfect example would be Stonewall Riots which where LGBT focused. The riots that will happen in India in the future will involve women as well.

You may ask why?

It is alarming that women are repressed so far in terms of their rights, what they should wear, what they should talk and where they should walk. In a country where we voice as the democratic country who support equal rights for men and women.

We have lawyers saying that “We have the best culture and this culture is not for women”.  Wow! What an hypocritical statement. Sometimes, I wonder whether politicians, celebrities and lawyers think before they talk.

We have a celebrity who voiced saying “All men are potential rapists” and then retracted her statement saying that she was misquoted.

We have an another celebrity who took part in a video message that said “My choice” How can you voice for other women and shove it to their face saying it’s their choice? Quite a generalizing video I must say. Well, it’s my words and my choice as well.

I guess we all are in the race to get publicity in any way. Hey! Good or Bad? Publicity is Publicity. You become famous! You are in news as always.

My point here is No one can raise hands to me or anyone and say that we are abnormal. We deserve rights too. We are humans just like you. We laugh, talk, cry and get angry just like you. So, there is nothing abnormal in that.

You treating me as an abnormal human being. Now that’s wrong.

You telling me that I should be straight and not queer. Now that’s wrong.

You pointing out that I should be empowered. Even though, I am. Now that’s wrong.

Imposing ban on food, stand up comedy and films. Now that’s wrong.

Calling me a potential rapist. Now that’s wrong.

Beating me up for hugging an another person. Now that’s wrong.

Well done! We do live in hypocritical and abnormal society.