Tick-tock tick-tock
Mocked aloud the cuckoo clock
Expressionless face and screaming eyes
On a lonely chair, sat a lady in white
Across the gory mirror, again, sat she
This time a different ‘she’ you see
Tendrils of sin and rebellion separated her
From all who she could be
Always a choice she said and smiled
Finding art in her cup of tea
Observing from the side of her eye
The darker side of she
Alas the dark one was happier and so free
Sitting in the smoke of her pipe
Puffs twirling about her
Like planets in a galaxy
Her black soul reeked of blood
Of self-loathing and of pizza cheese
Follow me she mouthed
Into the deep abyss
Look deep inside and find
Heaven and hell making love in the mess
Shrill laughter
Both women reached out to each other
And the halo shone beneath the devils skin
Strings broke and the puppeteer lay aghast
Someone had figured out the trick
Be it heaven
Be it hell
To break the cage
They had to look within.