I met her somewhere between here and there and the raging sea. We both had gotten down from the same train. She looked fresh as a summer salad, I looked like an aged mop. In both my hands were two suitcases, the biggest I ever owned. Her hands, nothing.
Where are you going, I asked and she said the same place you’re going to. Walk together she asked, and I said sure but you’ll have to walk slowly, because I have a lot of baggage, things I’ve accumulated over the years, things I can’t let go off, and they’re very, very heavy.
She smiled, popped a peppermint into her mouth and said, give me your baggage and I’ll hold one. That way we can walk faster and reach quicker to where we want to go.
I held onto my bags and said thank you, but they’re very heavy. Also, they’re my weight to pull. Why should you have to drag this around?
Because, she said, as she tried to prey my clutched fingers open, my hands are empty. May as well put them to some use.
I said it doesn’t seem fair, you pulling something so heavy, when it’s not even yours. You shouldn’t have to suffer just because you pack light.
‘Pack light?’ She smirked and gave me her heart. Here, hold this.