The youth today has become philosophical to say the least. They draw inspiration from the slightest oscillation in their surroundings, be it the purr of their neighbourhood cat or being stuck in traffic or the frequent drizzle that turns into pouring rain. And, for a moment, it changes their lives forever.

Enter a new crop of Instagrammers who are great at drawing parallels and conclusions. They may post pictures of kittens but the life lesson they draw from it is mammoth in its alleged impact on their lives.

Typically, an Instagram post is followed by the application of a perfect filter, a few appropriate hashtags (#deepshit?) and some frantic soul searching. Pictures of closed doors, hazy mountains, waxing and waning moons, darkness, your own feet, fingers and thumbs—all seem to have a similar gravity attached to the lesson derived from them. Case in point- while one Instagram user derives the courage to stay true to himself from a scenic countryside, another post has someone extract the same learning from a picture of empty beer bottles from a shindig the night before. All about perspectives, one might say. But the question remains, what comes first – the lesson or the picture?

However, these cosmetic changes, accompanied by a great copy, transform the original, sometimes poorly shot subject into a masterpiece. This trend could very well be a protest against the fast paced life, or a way to channelize the urge to belong to nature, or a need to break away from familiarity. But combined with a great picture, it can fetch you a great following on Instagram.

This, or maybe romanticism is the latest fad, until we run out of more filters to put on our next click.

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  • Gobind Sangha

    So true, same goes for ‘travelling’ as well, now a days.