I have no effing clue what am I going to do after my graduation. I still have another year to go. But, still. After chewing all of my friends’ head, this stands next. The thought of going to office everyday itself makes me feel sick. Really! Who would want to work their ass off EVERYDAY for one shitty company that pays you not-so-decent salary to do social media and PR? But, first things first. Would I even land up with a job for myself? Who would want to hire me? What would I work? What am I good at? Point. What am I good at? No. Seriously.
Ranting? A company that hires people who are good at ranting. AHEM. Do they exist?
Driving? I am definitely not becoming a driver, for sure.
Eating? More than half of the world is good at it. Maybe better than me. DUH.
Judging? Don’t even get me started on this.
Darn! What should I do? Where do people disappear after graduation? Do they start working? Do they wander around aimlessly? (That’s apparently my idea of life) I haven’t figured out what am I good at? Photography can be counted in. Designing? Maybe. Writing? If ranting and venting down all your bottled up anger in page is known as writing, then I must be good. Chuck. Maybe, I should look for something that makes me happy. That’s what Charles Bukowski says. Here comes Ed Sheeran. To make me feel good about myself, to let me know that everything will be alright. Mahn! This guy can either make you cry or make you fall in love!
But, again. Maybe should I start my own company? Would I succeed? Would it work? What if doesn’t? What if I end up doing absolutely nothing? I surely CANNOT work for someone else. These questions are bombarding and I am feeling a bit dizzy.I want something. I want magic. I want JUGAAD. Damn! I want a cigarette.