When I proclaim myself to be this self-confessed fan of unprecedented and unapologetic conversations, I literally mean it in words. Often when species on earth have conversations my nascent flights of imagination gestures me to some brilliancy of sorts. It signals me of ignited fireworks, of words bursting in the air, laced with smokes of vented mind or wounded heart. The ecstasy and the indescribable bewilderment of articulating what you feel or what you know, the syllables gradually emerging through your personal mouth organs and landing on planet earth and also for fortunate one’s who just doesn’t feels right enough to deprive the mucky saliva from this opportunity are what verbal pleasures and displeasure are made up of. Studies have also shown the liberation and mental peace which one derives after cussing someone hard which occurs so impromptu as rushes of body toxins that it is often advised to just throw up the words and emotions.

Long back generations have been inspired by the words which we all have retained in us and everyday we create different altercations to it and redefine language. Cause unlike others, ‘we can always talk it out’. For a moment just bro-zone the specified language and just ponder over the histrionic achievement of being able to speak up our mind which rather involves a large scale process. Right from the raw materials being generated from the brain zone to its manual development and passing through the vocal chords then gliding from the hard palette and soft palette in some cases until the dental pack arrives and finally falling to the tongue tray followed by its introduction to grammar icing and verbal acclimatization and transferred to the labial twins for its delivery. Sigh, the transaction is complete. You had a successful utterance just now!

Witnessing a debate in school or elsewhere has been everyone’s ‘been there , done that and if the opposite speaker does not agrees to you, run like a raged bull, and use a thrash or two out of wishful instinct.’ On a thoughtful note, have you noticed the most exciting part of conversations when two or more speakers are involved in an uncannily great way. Situations where both the speaker as well as the listener have industrious amount of sincerity and patience to just listen to each other. Situations where neither the speaker and nor the listener are nothing but boisterous loud noises and pretending to be human forms of arguments. Situations where the speaker and the listener merges to form cascading rhythm of profound serendipity. Also situations where only one element does the talking and the other is at peace by only perceiving.

Dig, locate, cultivate and also let the world know that your research is reaching out to them. Everyone provides us some or other kind of knowledge everyday. Work on that, add your views and words to it and just emerge with insights which is until now being abstained from becoming a hereditary property. Engage in conversations, relate, segregate , bring on more facts, club reality with fiction and fractions and come up with the best fabricating skills you own and just spell it out. There are armies of people who will assume you through your lifetime, its okay. Like breathing is their plan-B , as if. If you are being judged , good for you at least you know that you can die peacefully because you are being under the observing scanner of the envious neighbor , of the mothers of jaya’s, rekha’s and sushma’s of the world, of the abstract relative who lives in the disowned continent of the north west shore of Arctic Pole. Basically just talk out, if you cannot shut them though. I get this philosophical and Ayurvedic culmination of ┬ásilence sometimes speak louder than words, but bro make some sound noise. Don’t tuck yourself away from the infinite possibilities that you can emerge into everyday. ┬áContribute in the chaos, do something which you can make others listen and hear it yourself too when there is heartbeats speeding off almost taking your breathe away.