Seriously. Fuck ‘em.

If you find one at your neighborhood disco, or at your office, or your smoking zone, take him or her home.

Preferably not by force.

And here’s why you should, without diving into the predictable and no-doubt gripping format that usually begins with ‘Ten Reasons Why You Should Do A Creative Person.’

Or, ‘She Took A Creative Guy Home. What They Did Will Blow Your Mind.’

More often than not, creative people are creative because they like experimenting. And they experiment all the time, everywhere. (wink, wink) Take a songwriter home, or a dancer or an advertising writer (last resort) and you’ll find yourself doing things you’d never thought you could.

Like cooking, for example.

And that’s the thing. Creative folk are bloody unpredictable. Half the time, they’re just going with the flow, with no real plan of action. The other half of their time is spent in devising devious ways to stop being creative.

Being creative doesn’t pay.

Which is why you’re probably not going to check into a fancy seven star hotel if you’re having a one night stand with a creative guy. No, you’ll probably end up in a car. One that he’s ‘borrowed’ from his friend. Without his knowledge.

Creative people are always thinking of ways to please you. Sex isn’t sex for them. It’s a performance. And they like an applause at the end of it, thank you very much.

A thank you card, at the least.

Creative people are incapable of having one night stands. So it’s likely they’ll condense six months of wooing, coercion, flirting and romance into 8 hours of explosive magic.

Don’t freak out if he proposes to you.

The poor chap means it.

Creative people don’t generally sleep at night.

So that’s good. You know, for the er, umm.

You get the picture.