A chubby kid, his bag laden with textbooks and the occasional novel, enters the classroom. He is 16, a sweet age for most, not for him. He is barely conscious about how he looks, and knows trying his luck with the ladies is a lost cause. He hasn’t yet ridden a bike or kissed a girl, but sure can solve trigonometry the fastest in his class. And of course, most of the cool kids want to sit around him during the examinations.

The clock turns and 4 years later, the kid has slimmed down. But the nerd is still lodged firmly in his head, ingrained hopelessly in every inch of his being. He loves anime, manga, cryptic puzzles and would prefer watching a ‘Zeitgeist’ documentary any day over a Salman Khan starring Telegu remake.

But the funny thing is, what was once considered uncool about five years ago, is gradually turning tide. ‘Sapiosexulaity’ is flavor of the times (at least the Twitter and Facebook profiles make it seem so!), and we have entered an era where ‘The Big Bang Theory’ wins an Emmy and not the ‘Desperate Housewives’.

The kid is now 24, and writing this piece.

I have always been the odd one out at workplace, probably the only one who likes talk about the intricacies of a Dan Brown novel plot more than what loafers go well with black jeans. This has nothing to do with brains. This is but purely the characteristic of a nerd.

My fellow nerds, we have arrived.