And, like the tedious repetition of a bowel movement, we’re outraged again.

This particular time, about Tannishtha being at the receiving end of ‘dark’ jokes. At strangely, a roast. A roast (remember the infamous AIB episode?) makes fun of people.

Tanmay Bhat, a funny man himself, is routinely made fun of because he’s fat. The fucker’s huge.
He’s so fat that he’s now on a seafood diet. Whatever he sees, he eats.

You laughed. You know you did. That’s cool, it’s funny. You’re allowed to laugh. It doesn’t make you a horrible person (okay, it makes you a horrible person, but fuck it.)

Pam Anderson. Remember her? Yeah, she was at a roast where famous people made fun of her tits. Of course they did. The audience was in splits. Of course they were.

Here it is.

It was funny. It was a goddamn roast.

One participates knowing one is going to be ripped apart, no holds barred. Some actor defending Tannishtha said something to the effect of humour is fine, but lines should be drawn. Pffffff.

There are no lines at a roast.

If you’ve got a long nose, that’s what they’re going to talk about.
If you’re bald, that’s what they’re going to talk about.
If your face looks like a polar bear’s bum, that’s what they’re going to talk about.
If your hair resembles a squirrel’s tail, you’re probably Trump.

What? Jimmy Fallon making fun of Trump’s hair is cool?

At what point do you say, hey fat jokes are okay, but dark jokes aren’t? At what point do you draw the line between humour and body shaming?

At what point do we stop taking offence at everything?

The only thing to take offence to in this particular episode is that the jokes weren’t particularly good.
But what’s new about that?


  • robibanerjee

    I like how you rhymed tits with splits. I am a simple man, I see tits, I upvote.

  • kabira

    Roast and humour apart you make it sound like dark skin is some sort of shortcoming.