About an hour ago, I was standing on the footpath, nursing a headache and smoking a cigarette. A little girl came to me and asked me for money. “Bhaiyya bhook lagi hai.”, she said. At first, I just shook my head and beckoned her to go away, but she then said, “cigarette mat piyo, mar jayenge, Usse accha mujhe paise do” I was tired, and not wanting to extend the conversation, handed her 10 bucks, expecting her to go away. But she wasn’t done. “cigarette bujha do, bhaiyya” Again I shook my head. She said, “Bhaiyya please”. And then I shrugged, canned it. And she said, “thank you bhaiyya” and rewarded me with a smile. I walked away, feeling a weird tightness in my throat.