Let’s talk about popular culture and how I have a major thing against it as well as for it.

I am (not literally, thank God for that) torn into two when it comes to the new ‘culture’.

On one hand, I love that I can reach anyone via one little text but on the other hand, I miss having someone write me long, long letters that can be cherished. Somehow, screenshots just don’t hold the same charm for me. I am here, going crazy about shopping online and flipping over discounts and weekend sales but at the same time, who doesn’t miss feeling like they have won a motion in the United Nations conference after having finally bought 3 books for a 100 bucks after 15 minutes of haggling at the second hand book store?
Being a part of this culture, you can’t blame me for wanting the best of both worlds. I love the fact that I can keep track of where my friends are partying (hello, Snapchat is the new shiz) but I also miss listening to their stories rather than checking it out on Twitter.

And then there’s the dating culture. Oh, one shouldn’t get me started on that! It’s true, women don’t know what they want most of the times, but I do not want your obligatory ‘good morning beautiful and ‘good night bae’ texts every day. I’d rather have you show up on my doorstep once in a while (if you get pizza with yourself, I will probably think you’re the one). But then again, I obviously love the idea that I can speak to you every day and knowing that you’re a text or call away makes me feel better.
Somehow, we’ve had so much of extremes that I am little tired of it. I’d like some balance, some mix and match to restore a little authenticity along with the coolness to this new popular culture.

I’d like a bit of Elvis Presley and Kishore Kumar once in a while after an overdose of Pitbull and Katy Perry. I’d rather watch Julia Roberts steal Richard Gere’s heart away in Pretty Woman for the 46th time than tune into some 2015 blonde drama.

I’d like to visit a cafe to drink a good cup of coffee with a well thumbed copy of Pride and Prejudice instead of going to the latest plush lounge to grab cocktails and dance to over the top, loud music.

Well, I don’t know what I’m saying mostly, which is the case 90% of the times, but I guess, in short, I probably would just like some letters, some moments that are far too precious to be put on social media and some coffee. And definitely, some pizza.