The moment you were born, the nurse held you high and declared “Congratulations!! It’s the blue-type”. And before I could get a glimpse of you, they pulled out a bag full of blue and splashed it all across you, from head to toe, and finally wrapped you up in blue too.  They said, you will feel warm that way. Welcome to the color coded world, blue-type. The nurse was right. Here, adhering to rules makes you feel warm since you are spared of all the cold stares. Even before you could see beyond black and white and get your vision right, we banned the color-pink for you. After all pink for the blue-type is sooo gay [ Now it will take you some growing up to know that being gay is not all that joyful when it decides to become a noun]. Anyways blue-type, out here, we have a strange practice of painting everything to a pre written code and then rejoicing when you fit into the mould. And for starters, we divide your little world into blue-type  and pink-type. The blue-pink-type and the pink-blue-type just don’t belong to our world and are entitled to our cold stares.

Coming back to our penchant of splashing colors on everyone, how I wish that statement just meant only that much and simply stopped there. The world would be such a delightfully colorful place to live in. Unfortunately, things aren’t that uncomplicated around here and you need to know why. We, then start dividing the world that way and watching it through those colored glasses . We also tag the features of those colors on them [ yes, colors have a personality too..As in… anger is red, white is peace, jealousy is green.. Our colors could be lucky and unlucky for you.. More on that later ]. A blue-type cannot simply take on an absurd neon-ish yellow you see.  A few years back a bunch of really nice people fought hard, really hard, to remove the color painted on our skin. Then, the fight was about white and black, and not a single stone has turned since [ talk about weird obsessions of humans towards a certain bunch of colors ] . Rather we now have a whole bunch of products to turn you white. Now, we have another, of blue and pink. To fight against something, you first need to know that there’s something wrong in the way things are rolling out. Mostly, we never know or choose to act unawares. I also forgot to mention blue-type, the problem is not just with color-coding, but also in categorizing them as superior and inferior.  “Why this senseless banter??” you might wonder. Well.. Blue-type, I just want you to know that there is a problem with all this symbolism.. It categorizes you into this and that.. Which implies that there could be just this or that..  I want you to know that there are a million shades between this and that which should seep through your eyes.

You know blue-type, I have something more to tell you. Consider it a piece of advice from your tiny mom. As you are growing up, wash away the colors that are thrown at you. Learn to let your colors flow freely through your veins; And when cut open, let the red, green, blue, yellow flow down and wear various hues of purple, pink, turquoise; And then again spill over to paint the ground many more shades . No matter what you begin with, as you walk past life, learn to choose your color and decode it as per your rules, independent of what is told to you. And each color you choose has to be earned, felt, chosen, experienced and relished. Believe that nobody can color code you. And for starters, let us simply begin to paint your world yellow.